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ABA INVESTMENTS is a limited Liability Company since 2008 serving our erstwhile clients from Dubai UAE. We have been one of the prominent and chosen platforms for our valued clients and our pivoted role as a SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE has enhanced our pitch into various segments of Investments for our clients. We provide timely advice and delicately manage investors in the sectors of Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Corporate Project Investment portfolios.
OUR niche has been our strength & ability to provide unique features added to our service platter including audits, banking structures, out sourced tailor made insurance packages, critically designed and programmed software for management of portfolios, Out sourced Legal Scrutiny Reports, Due Diligence Reports, Evaluation & Risk Analysis, etc. In our industry, TIME is of great essence and value to each investor, and we ensure Client Centric Value added services in a timely manner with precision.
We have established long term strong relationships with local and international banks, financial institutions, Insurance and Reinsurance agencies as well as law firms worldwide, which is our matchless initiative complementing each client's objective thus mitigating any indisposition during service.


To be the UNIQUE Investments Platform for the World and their capital challenges.


To be the region's most competitive, professional Investments advisory and to stage sound, strong and potential investment plans to the world from Dubai UAE.


  • Accountability – We embrace professionalism in all our renditions and consistency I our delivery.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility – We sustain investment under currents and cruise with the economy, never giving up.
  • Humility – We are down to Earth and always willing to learn, we never portray pride in our accomplishments and accept set backs to grow stronger again.
  • Integrity – We are committed to our clients and their assignments. Our clients shall have 100% reliability and our dealings are always honest.
  • Transparency – We have no hidden agenda. All our correspondences and communication integrate transparent mediums relating to our services, our rendition and our abilities.