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At ABAI we believe new ideas are the beginning of a promising revolution in the investments industry. We look out for creative, innovative, technologically advanced ideas of promoters, entrepreneurs and SME's that need the encouragement of sound investment. With the UAE Government setting the right example of motivating new and innovative ideas for the advanced future of the business world, we have the IDEABANK, the most ideal platform for owners to register their idea and projects with us under a safe and secure platform to be portrayed to the right investors.
We know ideas leading to projects resulting from incremental innovation typically yield rapid revenue gains or cost savings and using collaborative idea management systems to get breakthrough or radical innovation (ideas that can be thought of as "out of the box" thinking") is the vein of entrepreneurial advancement, exactly what our investors look out for in sustainability of any project investment and ABAI assists structuring the idea into a viable project with our in house expertise making it more interesting and promote such ideas to probable investors.
Our idea bank is dedicated to small and medium sized business entrepreneurs to support their quest for advice, assistance in their operations in this very competitive and dynamic market place. We pursue the idea with the same vigor as the owner, assist them with projections, feasibility, banking assistance & facilities when necessary, procurement, supply and other trade factor resources, registrations, selecting of accounting methods, and many such avenues that help the owners progress further into converting their ideas as viable business models.